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permanent makeup training

June 1-4, 2022

Permanent makeup in the modern world is an excellent solution for the fair sex, who always want to look stunning, without wasting a single extra minute of their precious time!
That is why the profession of a permanent makeup artist is more than in demand today.

We invite you to a full course of permanent makeup training from chemical analysis of pigments to medical aspects of procedures

We will go through all the most popular techniques with you:
  • Eyebrow shading
  • Watercolor lip technique
  • Lipstick effect
  • Filling the interstitial space
Teachers of the course
  • Elena Dekhtyareva
    International trainer for basic and refresher courses in permanent makeup and pigment removal, expert trainer, top master
    Developer of training programs for permanent makeup and tattooing. Possesses the most modern techniques and works on all zones, plus camouflage of scars and areolas and recovery after mastectomy oncology.
  • Olesya Pak
    International trainer for basic and refresher courses in permanent makeup, expert trainer, top master
  • Ekaterina Kalmykova
    International trainer of basic courses and advanced training courses in permanent makeup, expert trainer, top master. Teacher of the Center Successful People

The training program of the profession "Master of permanent makeup":

  • Introduction to the basics of permanent makeup. Online lessons.
    • Skin structure, skin phototypes, the concept of pH
    • The body's immune system and its response to permanent makeup, tattoos and pigment removal
    • Contraindications to the permanent makeup procedure. Complications. We analyze specific cases. First aid for complications after PM and tattoo. What is important for a specialist to know.
    • Preparation of the workplace of the PM master.
    • Reviews of devices for PM and tattoo. Needles. How to adjust the operation of any device.
    • Agreement to conduct the procedure
  • The course "Coloristics and pigmentology". Online lessons.
    • Chemical composition of PM and tattoo pigments.
    • Organic and inorganic pigments.
    • Analysis of ingredients.
    • Dangerous ingredients, methods of eliminating complications.
    • What to do about it? What you need to pay attention to.
    • How does the composition affect the removal process and what determines the choice of removal technique.
  • The course "Medical aspects of permanent makeup and pigment removal". Online lessons.
    • We investigate the causes of complications of permanent makeup, tattoos and pigment removal.
    • Types of complications and negative reactions of the organism.
    • Contraindications to the procedure of PM and pigment removal.
    • Collecting anamnesis.
    • Training in first aid in case of complications and emergencies.
  • The course "Removal of permanent makeup, tattooing and tattoos by the biochemical system CRC Tatoo Remover I+II (USA)". Online lessons.
    • Classification of removers. The principle of operation and advantages of CRC Tatoo Remover I+II
    • Contraindications to the tattoo removal procedure. Complications. We analyze specific cases. First aid for complications after PM and tattoo removal.
    • The value of transepidermal systems in CRC Tatoo Remover I+II
    • We go to a clean skin. The Israeli experience of removing pigment from Elena Nagdimaeva
    • Removal through the eyes of the client. Questions, fears, objections
    • Complications after tattooing and pigment removal. Combined removal techniques. What is important for a specialist to know
    • Agreement to conduct the procedure
    • Experience of pigment removal. Middle eastern skin type.
  • Passing tests on each topic.
    • students who have passed the theory tests are allowed to practice
  • Practice. Setting the hand on latex. Online lessons.
    • Eyebrows
    • Lips
    • Eyelids
  • Zoom-meeting with teachers
      • Error analysis
      • Answers to questions
    • Practical classes during the Festival-2022 from 1 to 4 June. Master classes by zones.
        • lips: lipstick effect
        • lips: watercolour
        • eyebrows: shadow shading
        • eyelids: interstitial space
      • Round-the-clock online support in the PM masters chat
        The master is included in the WhatsApp chat of the PM masters, where he can get a professional answer to any professional question.
      short-stroke rotary machine,
      which is a universal tool for any tattoo technique
      10 pigments for 50 treatments of all zones:
      for eyelids 1 pcs.,
      for eyebrows 4 pcs. + 2 correctors,
      4 pcs for lips.
      A set of pigments for permanent
      makeup and tattooing
      Diploma of additional professional education
      specialization "Master of
      permanent makeup and tattooing"
      Methodological materials
      Tables of pigments for the course "Pigmentology"
      Agreement to conduct the procedure Memo to the client and other documents

      The course price includes:
      CRC Tattoo Remover I+II Master Certificate
      with a personal identification number and a hologram
      Starter Kit
      CRC Tattoo Remover I+II
      CRC Tatoo Remover I+II (5 ml.)
      CRC Remover II (5 ml.) - 5 pcs.
      CRC Soother cream (7 ml.) - 2 pcs.
      Maskeliminate (5 ml.) - 1 pcs.

      Certificates of
      completion of courses
      "Medical aspects of permanent makeup and pigment removal"
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