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We offer you super-effective treatments for you and your clients that will expand the boundaries of your business and bring beauty and harmony into your life and into the lives of your clients.
CRC cosmeceutical preparations contain ingredients necessary to restore the water-lipid mantle, protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences and recover from damage. The peculiarity of CRC drugs is their safety, painlessness, effectiveness, and ease of use.
NUJEVI - SPA cosmeceuticals for gentle and effective skin care. Combines SPA care and treatment. All NUJEVI products are universal and hypoallergenic. They contain high-tech Anti-Age ingredients and natural ingredients with high penetration and effectiveness.
Our teachers
  • Doctor Tatyana Kleyman
    Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, ozone therapist, CRC international trainer, head of the Successful People Center
    Leading theorist and practitioner of ozone therapy. Author of the method for removing pigment by the CRC Tatoo Remover I+II biochemical system.
  • Marina Lieva
    Cosmetologist, ozone therapist, CRC international trainer
One-stop treatments for all aesthetic requests from clients
You will be able to learn these procedures during the days of the festival, and then offer them to your clients in your salon.
Nujevi Skin will help you solve aesthetic skin problems
Anyone who loves and protects their skin, who wants to prolong youth and solve many aesthetic problems. A magnificent professional Nujevi Skin treatment created especially for you:
  • Correction of fine wrinkles
  • Relief of inflammation in acne
  • Lightening age spots
  • Elastic, tightened skin
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Hollywood peeling is one of the most popular salon procedures that can be performed at any time of the year.
The procedure is indicated for the prevention of premature skin aging, for the correction of hyperpigmentation and skin inflammation, for the elimination of skin laxity and in anti-age programs. Effect after the procedure: the skin is lighter, tightened, the lifting effect lasts up to 10 days, fine wrinkles are eliminated, skin turgor is restored.
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