Refresher course for instructors
CRC Tatoo Remover I+II

June 1 to 3, 2022

Become an expert and opinion leader in the industry!
Strengthen and expand your business!
Create and use in-demand online training!
Learn to set ambitious goals and achieve them!
Stand out in a huge stream of offers!
Our speakers
  • Michelle Volynsky, Ph.D.
    Co-founder and Vice-President Cosmoceutical Research Center
    Dr. Michelle has over 25 years of experience doing R&D in organic chemistry and has focused on cosmetic chemistry for over 20 years. Developer of cosmeceutical lines CRC, NUJEVI and biochemical system CRC TATOO REMOVER I+II
  • Doctor Tatiana Kleyman
    Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, ozone therapist, CRC international trainer, head of the Successful People Center
    Leading theorist and practitioner of ozone therapy. Author of the method for removing pigment by the CRC Tatoo Remover I+II biochemical system.
  • Roman Tarasenko
    Marketer of stars and brands. Writer. Speaker
    Trained 30,000+ people in open and corporate marketing master classes.
    12 years speaker on MBA programs at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.
    Author of three bestselling books, The Big Carrot Method, Valuable Decisions, and Make New.
  • Marina Sokolskaya
    Doctor of Psychology, Professor of the Department of Social Work Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov. Coach, trainer, practicing family psychologist.
    Author of more than 200 publications, monographs, textbooks and manuals on professional and personal development.
  • Natalia Lisova
    Practicing trainer, expert in building a salon business. Project Manager "Salon for a Million"
    Author of over 40 programs and numerous training courses for specialists for the Beauty Industry
  • Alexander Zhurov
    Beauty industry marketer, communications expert. Personal brand building specialist.
  • Natalia Boyarova
    Business coach, international speaker, sales and service expert in the beauty industry
    Expert of Beautiful Business, business consultant with 20 years of experience, motivational speaker, business trainer, psychologist and manager, "secret patient" and auditor with a lot of attention in the premium and business segments of the beauty business
  • Irina Barzhak
    Director of the Institute of Public Speaking and Conflictology.
    Teacher of conflict management, social psychologist, member of the Writers' Union of Russia
  • Asya Gushanskaya
    Own beauty studio manager. Blogger. Business consultant
    In 2011, she founded a beauty studio, with which she went from the first steps to a stable, sustainable business.
    For more than 15 years he has been engaged in automation and building work processes. Helps other entrepreneurs to automate their work.
  • Olga Shvedova
    Teacher, psychologist of the highest qualification category, teacher of psychology, game therapist.
    Winner of the competition "Psychologist of the Year 2011".
    Awarded with diplomas of the Department of Education of Moscow in 2015
    Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation 2020
    MAC Specialist.
    Sand Therapist.
  • Nataliya Mia
    Head of the Training Center "STAR PM". Certified trainer of the International League of Permanent Makeup Professionals. Founder of the brand Tattoo people
Increased level of trust, recognition, increased sales, high checks, new perspectives and opportunities are just a small part of what a developed personal brand gives you.
During the Festival you will have time to make acquaintances and establish business contacts.
Useful acquaintances and connections
Expertise, knowledge and experience of the world's leading specialists
The festival will be attended by marketers, business analysts, conflict experts, psychologists, dermatologists, specialists from the PM industry from all over the world. The headliner of the Festival is Vice President of the Cosmoceutical Research Center, creator of the CRC Tatoo Remover I + II biochemical system, Doctor of Chemistry and business woman Michelle Volynsky.
Prestige and status
Participation in prestigious events has a positive effect on the image of your personal brand and allows you to effectively stand out against the background of competitors, draws additional attention to your company and your personal brand.
By participating in the Festival, you will receive:

Refresher for instructors CRC Tatoo Remover I+II course includes:

  • VI Conference Master-Eliminate
    • The structure of the skin and the depth of the pigment.
    • The proven safety and effectiveness of the CRC Tatoo Remover I + II Biochemical System from the CRC maker.
    • The importance of the lymphatic / immune system in the practice of PM and the specialist in pigment removal. Results of international histological studies.
    • Practice of a doctor in removing pigment on the eyelids, especially the procedure.
    • Remove the pigment without color inversion.
    • Modern requirements for pigments. International and Russian legal aspects.
    • Responsibility of the client and the responsibility of the master. Legal aspects of international and Russian legislation.
    • How to create a personal brand and make it work for you.
    • How to expand your business through the online format. Online - business opportunities.
    • Digitalization, accounting, statistics and analysis - we create an effective company.
    • Communication is everything.
    • Physiognomy in the practice of a PM specialist.
    • Round table - Shering meeting - exchange of experience between instructors CRC Tatoo Remover I + II, manufacturer's answers to instructors' questions.
  • Course "Pigmentology"
    • Chemical composition of PM and tattoo pigments.
    • Organic and inorganic pigments.
    • Parsing the ingredients.
    • Hazardous ingredients, methods of eliminating complications.
    • What to do about it? What you need to pay attention to.
    • How does the composition affect the removal process and what determines the choice of removal method.
  • Course "Medical Aspects of Permanent Makeup and Pigment Removal"
    • We understand the causes of complications of permanent makeup, tattoo and pigment removal.
    • Types of complications and negative reactions of the body.
    • Contraindications for PM and pigment removal.
    • Collecting anamnesis.
    • We learn first aid in case of complications and emergencies.
  • Individual consultations with marketers and business analysts
    • Personal brand. Create and not lose.
    • Influencer marketing.
    • PM specialist as a personal brand in the company.
    • We build a business on communications.
    • Basic laws of conflict management. Techniques for dealing with dissatisfied clients.
  • Removal practice on difficult areas
    • Work for centuries
    • Areola
    • Lips
    • Brows
Special price - basic package for participation in the Festival of Successful People for instructor / distributor of CRC Tatoo Remover I+II and accompanying persons includes:
*Accommodation in hotels: single/double
  • Master-Eliminate conference
  • Further training for instructors CRC Tatoo Remover I + II
  • Marketing and management training
  • Coaching sessions
  • Participation in all events of the Festival
  • Ball of Successful People
  • Accommodation in hotels
  • All inclusive meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Excursion programs
  • Transfers
409 000 ₽ / 374 000 ₽ *
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from May 31 to June 5, 2022
we are organizing the II International Festival of Successful People!
We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of knowledge about health, beauty and well-being.
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